The Brown Paper Process

The brown paper process is one of the oldest and most effective ways of BPR in creating organisational efficiencies with employee buy-in.


Step 1

  1. Meet with top management to discuss the process and benefits.
  2. Formation of a Business Improvement Team with skills from all areas of the organisation to secure buy-in and sustainability of the process.
  3. Meet with the BIT to discuss how the process works and the importance of their role.
  4. Identify bottle necks within the organisation and tackle those first by achieving quick and sustainable results.
  5. The BIT will be required to conduct presentations on their findings and recommendations to the team leader and top management at project specific milestones.

Step 3

  1. Write up process of changes and present on the brown paper.
  2. Invite the respective departments to verify and discuss amended process.
  3. Make adjustment as required.
  4. Write up a blueprint and have parties sign off.

Step 2

  1. Conduct interviews with selected departments/individuals to establish a workflow.
  2. Put together a process map of your findings.
  3. Validate the process mapping.
  4. Conduct cross departmental critiquing process.
  5. Document suggestions and variations to the process as the critiquing process is conducted.

Step 4

  1. Implement the process with the team of individual responsible for the changes.
  2. Monitor and assist.
  3. Buy-in will be achieved as the process will be that of the employee.
  4. Interdepartmental coherence will exist.