Our Value Proposition is based on two service offerings:


External Examiner

We offer the services of an examiner for Honours Research Reports and MBA Dissertations for academic institutions only.
  1. For the examination of dissertations, institutions will be required to submit the document electronically via email.
  2. Track changes will be made to the document detailing the areas for amendment.
  3. Recommended guidelines will be provided and returned to the institution.
  4. Should a student not achieve a pass, the examiner will in addition to the track changes, provide a detailed report on each chapter outlining the areas of how the student can achieve a pass.


This service offers a dedicated supervisor to assist in the process of MBA Dissertation writing and Honours Research Reports. We offer this service to individuals and academic institutions.

The Honours and MBA research process

  1. Based on academic standards.
  2. University specific templates will be incorporated as part of the working tool to develop a research report/dissertation to meet the institutions academic requirements.
  3. Chapters must be submitted individually to the supervisor and on approval of each chapter, you may proceed to submit the following chapter.

Compilation of chapters 1 to 5

  1. Compilation of chapter 1- INTRODUCTION
    • A significant chapter outlining the aims and objectives of the topic.
    • A demonstration of the practical and theoretical significance of the study.
  2. Compilation of chapter 2 – LITERATURE REVIEW
    • Contemporary
    • Know the purpose and use that to identify issues to locate, critique, contrast, assimilate past, recent and current literature.
  3. Compilation of chapter 3 – RESEARCH METHODOLOGY
    • Data collection process.
    • Justifications and thoughts for adopting methodologies.
    • Research approaches
  4. Compilation of chapter 4 – DATA ANALYSIS
    • Results from the data
    • Points of discussions
    • Interpretation of findings
    • Information layout and presentation is critical
  5. Compilation of chapter 5 – CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS
    • Analyse the findings
    • Provide conclusions
    • Present recommendations
  6. Covering letter
  7. Questionnaire development